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Convert Pixels and EMs

What is an em?

Originally, an em was equivalent to the width of the letter M. Now it means "ephemeral unit", which is relative to the root element's base font-size. In an HTML document, the root element is the HTML element and you can define the root font-size in your CSS coding.

/* CSS Document */

html {
/* This sets the root font size to 16px */

body {
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Once you've set the root font-size, you are able to use em accurately. So if your root font-size is 16px, a 2.000em is equal to 32px and 1.500em is equal to 24px.

For an accurate result, use our px & em converters.
Convert Pixels to EMs

Convert EMs to Pixels

We can help you drive
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We can help you drive
more business to your business

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