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Deciding On a Web Presence for Your Small Business

by 123WebConnect

As the owner of a small business in the internet age, you have a decision to make.  It seems like everyone and their brother is online, and you’re being pressured to be online, too.  Many marketing firms and web design companies are looking to use you to increase their bottom line.

Honest firms will give you honest advice.  You may not need to have your own web site.

Just because a web design company that specializes in selling its services thinks you should have a web site with full interactive pages and a shopping cart doesn’t mean that it’s the best return on your investment for your business.  You need the facts to make an informed decision.

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Understanding Search Engines

by 123WebConnect

I just found an eBook titled “Understanding Search Engines – A Guide to Search Engines” that is a great starting point for someone new to web search.

It discusses how the search engines work, how they effect your website, how they play off of each other and much more.  If your a newbie to this topic I suggest reading this short eBook.  Just click the link above.

Are you frustrated with your website?

by 123WebConnect

Are you tired of trying to get your website to bring in the new business that you expected when you started it? Are you sick of making changes in hopes of fixing it? Are you tired of trying to get the search engines to list your website in their search results?

You are not alone!

Most small business owners have the same issues with their website. You’ve read books, blogs and articles on how to generate traffic to your site but still no luck. I hear these problems from new clients all the time, so I’m going to try to give you some easy, practical advice that will help you start to turnaround your website.
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