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Understanding Search Engines

by 123WebConnect

I just found an eBook titled “Understanding Search Engines – A Guide to Search Engines” that is a great starting point for someone new to web search.

It discusses how the search engines work, how they effect your website, how they play off of each other and much more.  If your a newbie to this topic I suggest reading this short eBook.  Just click the link above.


by 123WebConnect

I just finished reading an insightful article on WebProNews; which is better for your website, Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimization.  It’s worth the read.

Why Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

by 123WebConnect

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is by far the most direct marketing system ever invented.

You actually get to place your ad directly in front of a prospective customer that has searched on a term related to your product or business. Your prospect is proactively looking for what you have to offer. You can’t get a more targeted form of advertising.

Market your products or services country wide, worldwide, or just your small hometown.

With the introduction of local targeting last year, Google has opened up a whole new opportunity for small businesses. Now with local search you can pinpoint a district for which you would like your ad to appear. Your ad will then appear only to your most likely prospects. At the other extreme if you offer a product that is not reliant on physical location you can now get highly targeted visitor from across the country or worldwide.

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New to AdWords?

by 123WebConnect

If you’re new to Google AdWords or you are thinking about starting your own AdWords campaign, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

First; understand that it is not as easy as Google makes it out to be.  The idea that if you create an ad and insert keywords that you think are relevant will all of a sudden have customers overwhelming your website is a nice fantasy, but that’s all it is, a fantasy.

To be effective with your AdWords advertising you must first setup your account properly.  What do I mean by “properly”?  Everything you do in AdWords must have the correct alignment.  Your campaign should align with their  adgroup, which should align with their ad content and keywords, which should align with the landing page content for that ad.
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