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Shop Online Safely

by 123WebConnect

Originally posted on C|NET

Safely Shop OnlineWith some simple tips, make shopping online a safer experience this holiday season.

As holiday season approaches, shopping online is an attractive option for grabbing plenty of bargains.

Like any transaction, there are security issues to keep in mind when buying online, but with some common sense you can minimize the risk.

Even if you consider yourself a seasoned online shopper, it’s always worth a reminder to make sure your experience is the safest it can be.

General tips

  • Don’t send your credit card details via email, post them on social media (even in a private message), or enter them on an unsecured website
  • Don’t give away more information than you need. Retailers generally don’t need to know details like your date of birth or social security number, so why disclose it if you don’t have to?
  • Check for a physical address and contact details like phone numbers for the vendor before buying
  • Remember to log out of your account after making a purchase

Keep your PC, Mac or mobile device up to date

This means regularly checking for updates to your operating system, as well as ensuring apps and browsers are also kept up to date with the latest version. Running regular antivirus and malware scans is recommended to help avoid compromising your personal details to tools such as keyloggers.

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