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The Importance of Social Media Marketing

by 123WebConnect

Social Media MarketingAs the world around you changes and uses different ways to communicate and inform, so too must a business so they do not lose touch. It took some a long time to understand the importance of having a website to represent their business online. Those that grasped how important online marketing is early have profited much more than those who caught on later and the same thing is now happening with the use of social media. Businesses are now suffering if they haven’t grown with their market that now uses social media outlets such as facebook and twitter. These websites have essentially become places for one stop shopping to get all the information a person needs on friends and family, local and world news, causes, and coupons. Those that sit on the sidelines and haven’t jumped into this form of online marketing are missing out on important opportunities that could seriously assist their sales.

One of the ways that people come to feel connected is through communication. When a person visits a business’s website that has custom website design, well organized pages, and complete product and contact information, they are presented with professionalism. This part of online marketing should never be overlooked but it should never be the only part of a business’s web development. Web development is not just about having a website but about a business’s overall development on the web. To complete a business’s web development they now need to establish a connection and familiarity with people that makes them feel as if they are a part of it. Social media marketing provides just that through people’s ability to view a business’s posts along with their friends and most importantly, comment on posts to feel as though they have a voice and a say. When a business makes regular posts they not only establish trust, through their commitment to speaking to customers consistently, but each time the business posts, it opens up an avenue of communication that others can comment on and feel invested in. Social media marketing gives your business the social component it needs that a website alone cannot provide.

The other reason that businesses need to tap into this online marketing avenue is that it provides for search engine optimization. The more links you have out there that bring people to your website, the more important search engines think your business is. The results are they list your website sooner in search results, making it easier for people to find you. When a business actively puts links to their website up often, this is called link building and is a big part of SEO. When social media marketing is included in a business’s internet marketing it provides a place to include links to your website as often as you like and therefore helps your inbound marketing. Not only does posting comments and links help with link building but so too does posting videos such as your business’s commercial or infomercial. Social media marketing presents countless opportunities to help your business grow.