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How to Tell if Your Website Needs a Facelift

by 123WebConnect

Low Cost Website UpdatingSo you have a website for your business already but you aren’t sure how often you are supposed to update it and how much website maintenance is actually required. Once your custom website design has been completed, many businesses are clueless about how long they can go without website updating or they haven’t even considered it to be something they should look into occasionally. This is a common predicament and knowing when to contact your website design professional can be as confusing for some as knowing when to update their wardrobe. After asking yourself the questions on this website updating quiz, you should know if the time has come.

One of the most fickle situations is when you notice a few minor things. You notice that your banner is looking a bit boring and doesn’t quite seem as eye catching and current as it did when you first got it. You also notice that some of the services you have listed aren’t very popular anymore and two new ones that you added aren’t on the website. Lastly, you note that some of the articles you have posted on your blog for internet marketing aren’t using keywords your business is associated with anymore. Despite all this, there is plenty of other information that is still valid for your search engine optimization. If any of this sounds familiar then you are facing a serious web development dilemma. You have the option to postpone website updating and wait until there are more substantial issues or you could get a hold of a professional and ask them to make the changes needed for accuracy and internet marketing. If this scenario fits your situation, than the correct answer is the latter. The more minor problems you have with your website design, the more time consuming, complicated, and expensive your website updating will be. Fixing small problems as they arise will always be less expensive, not to mention it keeps customers happy when your custom website design stays attractive and full of 100% accurate information.

The second thing you are going to want to ask yourself is if your website is still working for your more current business mission and how long it has been since you updated your website. Everyone knows that hindsight is 20/20 and this lovely rule does not find an exception in custom website design. Has your frequent link building or online marketing efforts led to information being slightly disorganized from the additions? Did you plan for your products to be sold to women but you have attracted male clients? Did that page all about the owner’s children turn out to be a terrible idea? If any of this rings a bell or if it has been a year or more since your website received a spring cleaning, chances are it’s time. You obviously know the importance of having a custom website design since you have already given the business a web presence. Don’t let laziness stop your website from growing with your business and from achieving greatness through online marketing.