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Online Branding Basics for Small Businesses

by 123WebConnect

Online Branding and MarketingSmall businesses looking into website design or in the process of website updating should pay a lot of attention to their branding to ensure their website adequately represents their business. A business’s website design and use of branding is essential for its online marketing. Those new to internet marketing may not be as aware of the branding basics as seasoned businesses and educating yourself can help your custom website design work it’s best at building business success.

One of the biggest branding suggestions is to keep your business’s website about the business. Small business owners are often tempted to incorporate far too much personal flare in the website design and hinder their online marketing capabilities. It is perfectly appropriate and helpful for branding to include a web page in your custom website design that has a photo of the owner and information about their education and experience. It is quite another thing to have that picture be of the owner participating in their favorite hobby instead of at their desk or using a simple head shot. The more a personal website design gets, the less professional it becomes and the greater the damage done to your internet marketing. This rule extends to family pictures. Web development is intended for the business and not personal development and a business’s branding is diminished every time a photo surfaces in a custom website design that doesn’t directly relate to the business. Save those photos for your wallet and away from your business’s website design.

An important branding basic every small business needs to keep in mind is that just because their business is small doesn’t mean it needs to appear small. Your website design doesn’t have to look like what it may be, a venture run out of a spare bedroom, and a business’s size doesn’t provide an excuse for you to skimp on custom website design. A website gives every business, big or small, the same opportunities and if your website design looks professional so will your business. Nothing is a bigger mistake than underestimating your business and short changing its branding. A custom website design that doesn’t provide a business with the best image is voluntarily holding your business back.

The last branding basic is to make your business memorable and this starts with selecting a short website address and choosing a color scheme to be used throughout your business, including on the website. The longer a website’s address, the harder it is to remember and the greater the opportunities for typos arise. Repetition of information is what makes it memorable and identifiable. When a business’s logo and store sign use one image and set of colors but the custom website design uses another, the inconsistency doesn’t help the brand to be one customers recognize and trust. It would also be a terrible waste and hindrance for internet marketing if you give your business a face lift and neglect website updating. Branding is all about making people remember your business and people’s memories are tied to consistency.