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The Truth Behind Prebuilt Website Templates

by 123WebConnect

Custom Website DesignFor many small businesses, purchasing a custom website design seems like an out of reach dream. People often opt for using a template and try to put a website up on their own or with a friend who knows a little bit about HTML. Although this may seem like the best option because it is the least expensive, it’s not as great as it may seem. There are many contributing factors that make a website successful that professional website designers are educated on. Those who are untrained simply are unaware and incapable of tackling these website design needs.

When visiting a business’s website, the only way people have to evaluate the business is by what is presented to them. Having a professional image is one of the most important things for a business can create for itself. If a website is filled with helpful information and competitive prices but looks homemade, than no one will even have read a thing on the website because they ran back to their search engine results to click on another, more presentable, option. Another common problem with templates is that countless other businesses are using the same one and so you lose credibility because of how common you look. By having a custom designed website, you present to the public an appealing and professional image that instantly gives you authority.

Template website design is often thought to be a better option by small business owners because it helps them get a website up and running quickly and they figure a quick cheap website is better than no website at all. The flaw in this thinking is that small business owners aren’t web designers and so they have no clue that having a website up that is poorly coded, as templates are, is going to make them impossible for search engine to find. If your website design is void of the necessary ingredients for search engine marketing, than you might as well not even have a website. Custom website designers that are educated in search engine optimization know how to title graphics, write code, and use titles and keywords that make it so your website is found, letting people know your business exists.

There are many reasons that using a template on your own or with a friend is a poor decision for your business. One last important thing to mention is website updating which can be a serious hassle for the amateur website designer. Unless you’re fluent in CSS and HTML, updating your website is going to be nearly impossible but if you don’t update your website, than search engines view it as old news and don’t list it highly on results. By leaving you businesses web development to the professionals, you will be able to fix old information and use your website for online marketing to advertise sales and promotions. The fact is that templates are not what they appear to be and this quick and cheap fix is anything but a solution to your businesses need for a website.