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The Amazing Benefits of Blogging for SEO

by 123WebConnect

Blogging for SEOYou may hear the word blog and envision a whiny teenage girl writing about her life and posting pictures she took of herself making weird faces. Blogs are much more than that and have become a successful online marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Internet marketing that includes a blog in the website design will expand your businesses web presence, generating more customers, and ultimately lead to greater sales and income.

The very first way that a blog can assist you is by saving you time communicating with businesses and individuals when trying to network. Everyone knows that networking is an important part of advertising and it can be time consuming trying to do this on your own. By having a well written blog on your website, information is readily available to the public, accessible to anyone at anytime. It is worth the investment to have a professional writer take care of this task so that you aren’t adding to the to-do list and so the public’s impression is one of professionalism.  If you have the same person taking care of website updating with new blog posts regularly then people reading your blog get a more personal feel and begin to gain trust and a build a relationship with your business through familiarity.

If your blog has the addition of a comment box giving readers the ability to leave opinions and questions, then potential customers have the ability to feel a part of the experience and form a bond. This also gives your business a direct line of communication with the public. You can see people’s reaction to your products or services and also learn where they may be having some confusion so you can improve your marketing and communicate more effectively.

Adding a blog to your website can not only add a personal touch but works towards helping your search engine marketing. When a business’ website updating is consistent than search engines visit it more often and rank it higher in search results. Adding new blog entries to a website adds new content and aids in your websites search engine optimization (SEO). It also gives you the forum to use keywords associated with your business to assist SEO and some can be used to make links to other areas of your website which contributes to link building and inbound marketing.

There are endless things to be gained by your business when you include a blog on your custom designed website. The addition of a blog fulfills a larger number of internet marketing needs that makes the ongoing project of web development easier than it may seem. By simply creating a blog on your website, the tasks of connecting to individuals and businesses and search engine optimization are completed and building your business online presence.