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Four Reasons You Should Have a Custom Website

by 123WebConnect

Small Business Internet MarketingThere are countless reasons that a custom built website can boost your business that are well known and discussed endlessly. We all know you can sell products with ecommerce on a website and online marketing. What a lot of people don’t realize is there are reasons that can be incredibly helpful to you personally and your business that are being completely overlooked. Here are some simple reasons you may have missed that will light a fire under you to quit procrastinating and get a website.

Who hasn’t wanted to reach through the phone and backhand a caller asking an idiotic question. Running a small business is tough work with the weight of the world on your shoulders. The last things you need are little annoyances you can avoid. One of the greatest features of a website is that you can put information up to answer these questions for people so you don’t have to be bothered. You can dramatically cut down the number of times you are interrupted to answer, “What time are you open until today?”  Part of your website design can include an internet marketing campaign to end stupid and redundant questions by having a frequently asked questions page.

Beyond saving yourself from frustration, having a website can be like having a secretary to run the office while you are away. A great way to use your website it to include in its custom website design forms that can be filled out to request an appointment or quote. As soon as you are back in the office you’ll be able to access the requests, and unlike with a secretary, you know you’ll get the message right every time. For businesses like doctor’s offices, you can make forms available online for download, such as medical history and insurance information. Not only will this make patients happy, they can fill out forms at home and save themselves time in the waiting room, but you will save money on paper and ink by having them print it themselves.

Lastly, while we are on the subject of printing costs, having a website do the work of internet marketing will save you money distributing information on your service or product. Having brochures or catalogs for all you have to offer is expensive. What can be truly inconvenient is changing or updating your inventory and being left with printed material that is now a waste of your advertising funds and filling customer’s heads with impossible purchasing dreams. Letting your website take care of online marketing will keep customers from being disappointed and save you money by substituting print for web updating.

These obscure reasons to get your business up to date and using internet marketing should be enough to get you started on your website design. Just in case this hasn’t been enough, don’t forget web development is green too! With eco-friendly becoming the marketing glitter of the future, relying more on your website for your businesses needs will enable you to make your business sparkle.