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Two Ways to Help You Increase Your Business’ Online Exposure

by 123WebConnect

Small Business Online MarketingSearch engine optimization is the process of making a business’ website rank highest and appear on the first page of the search engine results. There are many different tactics used in hopes of developing a web presence and increasing visibility in search results.  Two proven tools used in search engine marketing are Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and the use of social media. Using these means, in cooperation with website development, will help any business see improvements in their search engine rankings.

PPC advertising is an efficient marketing tool allowing for people in your specific service area, looking for your particular product or service, to become aware of your business. There is the misconception that PPC is easily done and requires simply writing a small ad. In actuality, PPC ads require a great deal of search engine analysis and knowledge of website development. Knowing what keywords are most frequently used when conducting searches is necessary so that your ad is viewed by individuals seeking your business. Along with keyword selection is determining the number of clicks allotted each month. Individuals lacking experience in PPC have difficulty making these decisions and tend to waste resources. One of the most important parts required when setting up PPC marketing involves website development. Website design must include a page that PPC customers will be brought to upon clicking the ad. PPC is incredibly beneficial but requires a great deal of internet marketing knowledge.

Link building is a proven way to increase search engine rankings. The most effective kind of link building increases the number of one way inbound links. The way traditional link building has been attempted necessitates researching numerous to ask that a link to your website be placed on their site. This method is time consuming and usually does not result in a one way inbound link because the webmaster will want a link for their business on your site in return. This return link will essentially cancel out any benefit gained, the link will not be one way, and become wasted effort. A new and effective link building technique utilizing social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to consistently produce one way inbound links. By constantly putting up new information, written with keyword analysis in mind, and by creating new links back to your page, a business’ website can gain greater search engine ranking. Using social media for search engine optimization requires consistently updating accounts and publishing new content.

The tools described above, although incredibly effective for search engine marketing, can be time consuming and overwhelmingly difficult to do on your own. A great deal of effort needs to be devoted to completing and updating Pay Per Click ads and social media accounts. The results generated from these search engine optimization tools can be amazingly effective and it is worth hiring a professional. Businesses that provide these services will be more efficient and knowledgeable and allow your time to be devoted to your business while reaping the rewards of search engine marketing.