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A Landing Page Can Make or Break Your Online Marketing Efforts

by 123WebConnect

Landing Page StrategiesSuccess of a landing page is critical. Improving ROI in today’s highly competitive online marketing landscape requires a focus not just on generating more search clicks but on maximizing the returns of those clicks. Optimized landing pages can go a long way toward improv­ing your search marketing campaign results. Not taking the time to create landing pages with “stickiness” is akin to ignoring a customer standing in your place of business and asking for assistance.

A click represents the raise of a hand. A customer or prospect is saying, “I’m interested. Tell me more.” In some cases, they’re ready to buy. In others, they’re simply curious and willing to give you the benefit of the doubt by briefly taking a look to see if you’ve got what they’re seeking. Whatever their reasons for moving to your landing page, you must grab their attention in order to have any chance at success. Landing pages have to be clear and easy to understand and navigate. Highly successful landing pages are also amazingly clever, stylish and targeted to respond to the original call-to-action that led visitors to the page.

When a prospect decides to click and take up your offer, the ease with which that process unfolds can lead to success or failure. Complex or malfunctioning forms, distractions with too many calls-to-action or competing product offerings can lead to website abandonment.

Strong brand messaging is carried across multiple communications channels. The same look and feel permeates each important cus­tomer touch point. Landing pages are an important branding opportunity. Not only should you repeat the main call-to-action or promotional headline from the ad that generated the click, the overall look should also match the expectation. The confusion of arriving at a Web page that doesn’t match the original message can lead visitors to abandon your website.

Yet a large percentage of the landing pages don’t match the original message. Those companies that do create landing pages with a consistent image and message are better able to reinforce their brand and move prospects from clicking to converting. Creating a strong messaging and imagery is a key part of developing a strong brand. A carefully crafted landing page serves as the bridge between search marketing and conversions.

Carrying a consistent message from ad to landing page is a concept that B2C marketers appear to have taken to heart much more than B2B marketers. More than seven out of 10 companies selling to consumers (71percent) post landing pages that matched the ad message compared to 59 percent of B2B companies.

Online marketing must be smooth. It can’t require a great deal of effort on the part of your prospects. You can’t expect Web surfers to dig down into the depths of your website to locate your products, services or the information they’re seeking. You have to deliver exactly what they want in a streamlined, targeted manner. That’s the power of landing pages. When properly developed, they deliver a user experience devoid of snags that generates higher conversions and better returns.