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Inbound Marketing is the Sales Trend for 2011

by 123WebConnect

Inbound Marketing ServicesWith the prolonged recession still making it hard on companies to attract new customers, it is clear that inbound marketing is the clear winner of all the sales techniques being used to bring in fresh business. From a conversion percentage and a cost per customer acquisition standpoint, inbound marketing really is superior to other forms of generating business, especially in this economy. Here are some great advertising mediums that get customers calling your business.


The infomercial, whether it has a local, regional or national emphasis, is incredibly effective in qualifying prospects and getting hungry customers to call a business. Infomercials are doing particularly well in this recession as they provide a 30 minute format to really sell a prospect, they generate genuine credibility and trust, and they offer a prospect a special deal not seen elsewhere.

Many small businesses think an infomercial costs way too much for them to consider. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. To fully produce an infomercial can cost just a few thousand dollars and placement for a 30 minute program in prime markets and time slots starts at $30. Moreover, the cost of producing the infomercial can often be spread out to minimize out of pocket expenses when getting started.

Infomercials work extremely well when well scripted, produced, tested and placed. Find a reputable and experienced infomercial production company to help position your business well for 2011.

Web SEO and PPC

Web Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are two fantastic ways to find customers you didn’t know existed for very low acquisition costs. Web marketing offers the ultimate in inbound marketing and is extremely effective in a recessionary economy. People search the internet now for deals and to determine a company’s credibility and reputation well before they commit to buying. SEO and PPC positions a company to intercept these active prospects, providing a whole new flow of viable customers.

Moreover, PPC and SEO are extremely targeted (as are infomercials), allowing you to market to exactly who you want to be in front of. SEO and PPC work extremely well together, one strategy helping the other, so when they are placed in a synergistic marketing program, the results are exponential for a much, much lower customer acquisition cost. Less money expended for better sales closing results. This is the essence of inbound marketing!

Double Up

If you can find a company that offers both infomercial production and placement, along with SEO and PPC marketing campaigns, in a combined advertising campaign, where one feeds off the other in a well thought out inbound marketing program…Well, you have hit a homerun and ensured the success of your business for 2011 and far beyond. Combining these strategies is not just cost effective but also generates incredible revenue flow.