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Web Marketing Plus Infomercials is a Winning Combination

by 123WebConnect

Web Marketing and InfomercialsBoth infomercials and web marketing have been incredibly successful for companies during this three year recessionary period. Both are very cost effective and definitely serve the needs of the new customer growing out of this recession. The new customer is more demanding, wants more information, and definitely wants a good deal for superb quality (of both service and product). Here is why this combination of advertising is a real home run for today’s markets.

Infomercials Educate, Tell a Story and Sell

It’s hard to find another platform that can do all of this well. Actually, there is another: web marketing can achieve the same (more on that later).

Educate – The infomercial 30 minute format lends itself well to giving the viewers all the information they need to be fully educated about the product offering. Recession customers want this education because they want to ensure that their money is well spent for a product offering that is of no equal for its price. It is the educative value of the infomercial which really sets up the sale so nicely.

Tells a Story - A 30 second TV commercial is hard pressed to captivate an audience while the infomercial can tell a nice, progressive story, which can be picked up from any point in the program, that actually interests the viewer. This interest, turns to captivation, which turns to emotional response to buy. The story line sets up the sale, making the prospect most comfortable in the buying decision.

Sell, Sell, Sell - The story + the educative value + the incredible product + the incredible one time offers = successful sales. The infomercial is incredibly adept in pulling in the viewer to the point of real interest and need to buy now. Even for the harder to sell prospect, a synergistic web marketing strategy combined with the infomercial can be the ultimate element in a successful sale.

Web Marketing Enhances and Feeds Off the Infomercial

Whether the prospect finds the web sales property through the internet or through the running infomercial, it is the combination of these two platforms which makes such a great sales combination, especially for recession wary customers.

The Web Sells the Hardest Prospects - A follow on web sales landing page can take a prospect who is on the fence while watching the infomercial and covert that person to a sale.

The Web Sells Those Who Can’t Watch the Infomercial - Sometimes people are in a  hurry and the infomercial isn’t convenient for their schedule or mood. Having a well displayed website can help those once missed prospects visit the offering later, finding those critical overlooked sales.

A Website is a Great Visual Platform - Using an infomercial on different web properties really increases the effectiveness of both platforms, providing entry into markets for pennies on the dollar. Don’t just run the infomercial on TV, spread it across the internet for explosive sales opportunities.